Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Healing in the Womb!

I am currently halfway through my second pregnancy. This time, it is a girl, and I am so excited! In the beginning, the enemy tried to put that fear into my mind. That fear that something would go wrong. You see, with my first pregnancy, a son, I had complications and he suffered brain damage. Here's a little backstory… When I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child, my doctor called me after a sonogram and said he thought the baby had down syndrome. At this time, I was a believer, but not in divine healing. This news sent my world into a downward spiral. After that, I got a bad report after bad report. I believe them and clung to them and cried for days and days. I spent my entire pregnancy and the first year of my sons life being sad about this news. After my son turned one, I found the truth. I learned God's true nature and his will for hearing. I found team avalanche, and the rest is history. 

So, here I am having my 20 week ultrasound, and my doctor tells me he sees the same exact things that he saw it with my son. What he saw was called echogenic bowel and a possible heart defect. These were the first two signs that my son showed when he was in the womb. This time, knowing the truth, I called up a mighty prayer warrior sister and we prayed. I will not lie to you and say that I did not cry. I did. For a second, I almost let the devil get to me. But this sweet sister of mine, being the amazing prayer warrior mama that she is, basically yelled at me and told me to cut it out. It was a loving yell meant to bring me back to the truth. She snapped me back into kingdom reality. We spoke on the phone almost every day and prayed and spoke truth into my little girl's life. I was not going to let the enemy have this child. I will not let him have either of my children. I made a decision to fight. I disregarded the doctors report and believe the report of the Lord. Every day, for three weeks, I spoke life into my belly. I told my little girl she was healed and perfect. I told her she would live and not die. I did not speak the doctors report. I spoke the report of the Lord. I did not even tell my husband. I knew I had the victory.

Fast forward to three weeks later, and it was time for my repeat sonogram. I went into the sonogram very excited. Not nervous or anxious, but excited for the good report that I knew was mine! I could tell you the long version, but the short one is just as good, and I know you're ready to hear it! I had my sonogram and my appointment with my doctor. The "official" doctors report reads, "cardiovascular {heart} structure and function normal. There is no bowel echogenecity as previously seen." Ok, now you can celebrate!! Hallelujah, all praise to King Jesus!

God is true to His Word. His Word is truth and life. There is nothing that says you have to accept the report of man; in fact, if it's contrary to the Word, you should reject it! Believe the report of the Lord! The victory is yours!! 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Down Syndrome Was Paid For Too!!

There are two children diagnosed with Down Syndrome that have been given excellent reports! While we believe the report of the Lord, that is, that our children are 100% diagnosis free and perfect, it is always exciting to hear it from medical professionals!

The first child, a young girl, was told by her speech pathologist, regarding her tongue size, that "she sees no problem with it." Per her mother's report, her tongue has been shrinking in length and width over time.

The other is a young boy who had a doctor's visit and his weight and height were both right where they should be for normal (non-diagnosed) child development!

Praise the Lord for these amazing reports, we only expect MORE!!

Hurler's Syndrome is Leaving the Building!

This is a first hand account from Derek's mother. Derek is 9 years old and has a diagnosis of Hurler's Syndrome. Jesus paid the price for complete healing of all disease and diagnosis, including HS, at the whipping post! Praise Jesus!

Hi..wanted to share with y'all bout Derek...he's had some joint stiffness, and a few days ago I put shorter shorts on him and noticed a significant change in his legs that they are almost straight...his legs were bent and have been for some years now....also he's started running again, which is something he had stopped doing for quite some time...and the last thing is, he was falling asleep when eating or even after getting 12 hrs of sleep...was still acting tired, this has changed...when I go upstairs and turn the lights on by 6:45 he wakes up on his own, is very much more energetic...so PTL!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Brains Being Restored!

This is an account from the mother of Corwin:

We've really been focusing on praying the Word about our son's brain and development,  specifically.  We've also been very focused on walking, talking and eating and development being completely caught up for him.  Corwin will be four years old this May!  This past month,  he's been standing very well with support from a parent,  or furniture.  This is accomplished without the ankle orthotics we were told he must have to stand!  Just this week,  he's cruising along the Loveseat,  standing and cruising alone!  He's pulling himself up onto the ottoman and rocking back and forth,  while standing,  strengthening his muscles and balance.  As for speech,  a week after a team member on our small prayer group declared words turning into sentences,  CORWIN was sitting on the floor with a learning toy.  The toy teaches abc and then a word for each,  and sentence for each. CORWIN was using it independently,  and speaking each letter properly with the word,  AND the sentence!  He even repeated the "YAWN" sound for "Y"! Praise the LORD,  CORWIN has the mind of Christ.  He also just learned to COUNT TO TEN!!! His brain is waking up in an accelerated way! More to come. Thank You,  Jesus.

Another Teeth Miracle...Yes, God Even Paid the Price for TEETH!!

This little girl had a previous tooth miracle so her mom knew that she could speak to this mountain and it would move!!

All of her teeth had come in except for one on the bottom. When that tooth started to come in, it came in behind another tooth, leaving its place empty. Her mother began to command the tooth to move over into its correct place. Every time she brushed her teeth, the mother would command the tooth to move into its place. This tooth had erupted in the wrong place, but that didn't stop this momma from believing it had to move over. She knew that her authority in Christ would move that tooth! One day, just a short time after she'd begun commanding, she was brushing her daughters teeth and noticed that the tooth had indeed moved over into it's correct place! Praise The Lord!!

Lying Symptoms Leave!!

This is a mother's report of her son's progress! Praise the Lord!! 

There are certain symptoms that have completely left.. to be honest these symptoms used to bother me and I would sometimes look away just so that I wouldn't see it.. out of sight out of mind approach.. but that didn't help me or A..  
Teeth grinding was a big issue.. NOT NO MORE.. THANK YOU JESUS!! I started speaking to it the moment I'd see it and the speaking turned into praising Jesus that my son is permanently free and healed.. if the teeth-grinding happened 20 times a day.. then I'd speak to it 20 times and praise Jesus everytime! it became less and less and less.. till now it's no more... same with the tongue hanging out from the mouth.. that's now completely gone.
I see more understanding and speech..
Yesterday I asked A if he wants to potty and he said "I do"
This is going on month 3 (I think) that Anthony does not wear a diaper during the day. PRAISE PRAISE JESUS!!!

God is so good! I love this approach of speaking to the mountain however many times a day you have to. We are fighting the good fight of faith, and it is just that!! We will battle until our mountains crumble! Praise The Lord!

Baby Raised from Death to Life!!

This is a firsthand account of baby Legend and his amazing story. I am a nurse in the NICU and he was my patient. I am sharing with permission from his mother. 

Baby Legend was born toward the end of January. His mother had a placental abruption (placenta detaches from her body and the baby is deprived of oxygen) the day the baby was born. When she went to the hospital, they could not detect the baby's heartbeat. The did an emergency c-section and when the baby was born the cord was around his neck, tightly, 3 times. He was clinically dead and was revived with full resuscitation efforts for 13 minutes (3 minutes longer than our policy allows). From the time they couldn't detect the heartbeat until the time he was born was 11 minutes. In total, that's 24 minutes of being clinically "dead." He was on the highest form of life support available. He started having seizures and all of his organs shut down. Within a week, he "died" two other times and was brought back to life. He was not given a good prognosis and the doctors advised his family to remove life support. His mom is a warrior and refused to believe their report. She told the doctors that her God is bigger and she believed in him for a full healing from head to toe for her baby. In 3 weeks time he was off ALL life sustaining equipment. He is off ALL medications helping his organs function. All organs have returned to normal. His brain scan was NORMAL. He is awake and alert and eating and will be discharged from the NICU soon. He is acting like a normal baby. The doctors are stunned! Praise God for this miracle!!