Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Testimony of healing from mother in Poland. Her daughter was given a two year life span with palative care and hospice referral from the doctors....Her is the miraculous story in her own words. "I would like to share my joy very much, For a long time, all I could say was by Jesus stripes my daughter was healed, I closed my mouth to everything, because I preferred to remain silent than say anything, because sometimes there was so much pressure in my head to say something other than what I believe for a very long time time it was like I was just fighting, emerging from one battle, entering another. All the time in my head I heard my husband's words uttered at the very beginning, a few years ago, when I was learning to stand on the Word, you help others, you pray for others, and it does not work for you. And so, during these 7 years, I have led many people to freedom and the execution of the Word, the Lord, through my hands, freed and healed many people, but all this time I STEAD MY HEART SO MUCH BECAUSE I KNOW THAT HIS WORD IS TRUTH, AND HE NEVER FAILS. It was our testimony that I gave to our group, to encourage others, to strengthen them, but also to show us that we would not be distracted, God is faithful and is with us, and we are going to the fullness !! Jesus paid for the freedom and restoration of each of our children and we will not go back a millimeter, praise the Lord !! About 7 years ago, at a similar time, I heard for the first time the doctors' words that I had nothing to count on but for palliative treatment and more or less they give my daughter 2 years of life, I did not take any of their words about a year and a half later, they tried to give me a referral to a hospice, which.......I had a conversation with a psychologist, because the doctor handed me this referral, to my answer that fortunately there is God and His wounds my daughter was healed, she said that "I deny reality" and I cannot accept the "truth" yes, BECAUSE MY TRUTH IS THE WORD OF GOD and this is the only truth I know, by the wounds of Jesus my daughter was healed and she is healthy During these 7 years I have fought many battles, where things looked by the eyes of the flesh like , exactly as the doctors said, BUT I KEEP AND KEEP MY HEART, so as to persevere in these moments standing on the rock of the Word to see God's solution - freedom and complete healings of my child , and sometimes in the face of obvious failure, things changed and a miracle happened Today my child was made a first-grade student, this is just the beginning, there are many miracles ahead of us, AND EVERY DAY I SEE HOW CHANGES, HOW GOD'S WORDS THAT I HAVE COMPLETED ABOUT HER LIFE AND DESTINY ARE FULFILLED, her DNA is like Jesus in this world - thank you Lord !! this is my "why" I will not let any lie or situation in the world infect my heart, I have counted the cost, I will not get distracted by what is happening in the world, BECAUSE IN THE FINAL, when the attack comes, everything that matters, what we have in our heart, what we put into it, what we fed it, whether by faith, whether by news from this world, medical or therapeutic reports, etc. - GOD IS GOOD AND FAITHFUL - GLORY HIM - HIS WORD IS TRUTH !! Alleluia! Today also my... daughter went to kindergarten for the first time and she is a kindergarten student in full swing....!!"

Saturday, November 27, 2021

(Mother in the UAE sharing about her child diagnosed with trisomy21) "I wanted to quickly share that recently we saw 2 major things changed. Our daughter’s one eye suddenly wasn't perfectly aligned with her other eye. It would go and come but it looked just awful. We spoke to both of the eyes to be perfect and declared this lie to go. It's been about two weeks and it's such a delight to watch her perfect eyes. Hallelujah!!! She would also, out of nowhere, started having her teeth yellowish when she was eating during the day. No cavities but I had to brush her teeth every night for long time to get them shiny. Every time I brushed her teeth I was in tounges praying and letting Holy Spirit to overcome such nonsense. Until I realised that her teeth are as clean in the evening as they were in the morning. Shining clean and perfect, no matter what she eats. Hallelujah!!!I'm learning so much from Deborah(McDermott) these days...especially that I do everything I can to keep my Peace and Joy about the finished work of Jesus. Any left over lies... we speak the exact opposite and make sure that the abilities and behaviour we see and declare is exceptional, better than any other child could have."

Friday, May 8, 2020

Diagnosed with autism, CURED BY JESUS! Hannah’s testimony, in her own words:: When I was younger I didn’t realize there was something wrong with me, I just remember being excited about toys, books, movies, music, and singing. My mom said that when I was around 2 years old I started to have really bad temper tantrums, I would not talk to anybody, or look at peoples eyes, I flapped my hands a lot when I was excited or looked at pictures and I did not want anyone to touch my hands. As I got older I did start saying words and talking but most of my words were not always conversations with others. I would recite words, phrases and movies over and over. I wouldn’t play with kids my own age because I was in my own little world. People would call me and talk to me but I never actually pay attention. One day my mom read an article on autism and it completely described me. My parents were very sad and did not want to accept this over me. My Mom started looking up healing scriptures. They had faith in God and turned to him immediately, they started to pray and speak the word of God over me and believed that all things were possible with God. They noticed good things happening right after that but eventually got distracted with other things that could possibly help me. When I was 5 I got my official diagnosis of high functioning autism. Mom did lots of therapy with me. My parents took me to naturopathic doctors, tried different diets and vitamins, some things seemed to work but after awhile would move on to something else that they thought would help me. Weird things would fascinate me and I would do them over and over, like looking at the warnings, intros and end credits of movies but I would never watch the whole movie. Birthdays and other dates would also fascinate me so I would always ask people when their birthday was and I would memorize it. I would get into people’s things without asking when we would go places, like VHS DVDs Cassettes and CDs. I would obsess over electronics, and played on the computer, or watch tv for hours. I needed some kind of electronic device to calm me down. I remember one therapy mom did with me when we homeschooled called MAPS it was really fun and it helped with anxiety and sleep. When I started Grade 6 in the public school I started having a lot of anxiety, and emotional behaviors again. I started looking up inappropriate things on the internet and then I would delete my history on my phone and the computer before my parents would see it. Then they put restrictions on my phone. I had a hard time communicating with others and people didn’t understand me. Then I started to obsess over movies, I would hear about a movie or watch a trailer and it would get stuck in my head. I would get Mom to take me to the movie store and pick up the movie flyers to look at all the new movies. I wanted to drive past the movie theatre to see what was playing, if mom would turn and go a different way and would scream and cry until she would turn around and drive by the theatre. I had to always know what was coming next in theatres. When my little sister McKinley was born she was diagnosed with down syndrome. Mom and Dad refused to accept the diagnosis. Mom said she would not deny the facts about my sister and I but she denied the right for the facts to exist and knew that God had bigger plans for our family. She began to speak life over our family and declared that by the stripes of Jesus we were already healed. Mom joined a life team on Skype and prayed with parents around the world. In Grade 9 things started to get a lot better I was calmer and didn’t have much anxiety. I was getting better still. It was in grade 10 that I started to feel left out, I thought the EAs at the high school were watching me and and helping me necessarily. and I felt like no one understood me. I started to get very angry. I was angry at my Family, Teachers and other kids. This carried on into half grade 11 and 12. It was starting getting worse and I felt like I couldn’t control myself. I started to have more behaviours and emotional outbursts. That moment I didn’t want to go to church, because it felt like people were watching me and said hi. I would scream or cry during church and Dad had to take me home a few times so I just wanted to stay home. Then I would write letters to my mom so she would understand me, I would tell her that things can get better but I would not let my mom lay hands on me and pray for me anymore. I was upset when she tried to pray. I would bring her letters and make her read them before bed. I would sometimes bully and bossy to my Mom and everyone and try to control what they say. Then I always got upset when people said my name so I would tell everyone not to say my name, because I thought it was a normal thing to do but it is NOT! And they didn’t understand me so I would get even more upset. It seemed like people were scared to talk to me but really I was the one who was scared of people. I stayed in my room when people came over to our house, I was scared that they would say my name and I wanted to get upset. That behaviour went on for 2 1/2 years now. My Mom caught me one day looking up bad stuff on my phone so she started taking my phone away and put restrictions on my phone. I was upset. (Just exactly when she did it to me when I was 12.) so she had the app for the family to block the bad stuff called the pact and the circle to limit our time. My parents really wanted me to talk to someone about my behaviours but I refused to go to the doctor, I did finally agree to go see the naturopathic doctor to see what she had to say. My parents told me that my behaviours had to change or I would have to move out. I needed help and they didn’t know what to do, except pray. I had graduated from high school that summer. but continued to go to school for more classes that fall but still struggled with my behaviours. One morning in the fall I woke up and was very angry, I started hitting myself in the head and screaming at the top of my lungs, my mom was done and said she needed help so she called 911. I got so frustrated that she called, I thought she was pretending. My parents had pretended to call in the past so I didn’t think she would actually do it. Suddenly the police and the ambulance came to the house, I was really scared. I had stopped screaming when I seen the police car, they came in and checked on me to make sure I was ok. After that day I stared to take responsibility for myself and be in charge of my behaviours. Things didn’t get better right away but I started to really try hard. From that moment on I refused to go back to my old behaviours. (I still do that.) Then I got a job working at a Tim Hortons. I’m working hard there and making lots of money. I’m taking piano lessons and I’m very excited that I got my learners license and I’m learning how to drive and how to be safe on the road and follow the rules on the road. and I’m still practicing doing that and show that I know all my stuff so that I can get my license. And Sometimes I would just go back to old behaviours and relapse to what I Remember doing. I started going back to Christian Music and stopped listening to a lot of secular music. I still listen to secular, but only sometimes. I have to keep up with the lyrics they’re saying. Then I went back to speaking life over myself a lot and I still did that before, I started going back to believe that God is going to heal me and said to my self by his stripes you were healed and Jesus paid it 2,000 years ago. Then I started looking up healing scriptures and started reading them over and over and over. And started going back to listening to healing videos and do declarations and started watching Andrew Wommack Healing Testimonies. And Now things were just starting to get better and I’m starting to stop these behaviours I’ve done recently, and started to do normal things. And I’m working hard and getting better at learning more and more words and phrases and new sentences that everybody speaks so I can speak them and everything else I had never known like everybody else knows and I still wanted to do those things. I wanted to speak well and normally. I found out that I never spoke well and didn’t know everything and didn’t know what to do. but still getting them done and improved. Today I am completely normal. I am free from anxiety and when I feel upset I’m learning to control it and my behaviours have changed. I’m calm, kind and gentle. I get along with people and talk to them, People love me, and care about me. I’m so done with all the weird things I’ve done all my life. I’m so done with being special needs. I will be with people, talk to people just like everyone else. And I’m doing what normal people do. My Communication skills are 100% improved!!! By the stripes I have been healed and made whole!! And I will continue to speak life over myself for the rest of my life! ~Hannah you are a blessing to the world! Christ has set you free! Thank you for sharing this testimony of your beautiful life. The world is a better place because you are in it!! Thank you, from the parents around the globe believing for their children's freedom!

Sunday, May 3, 2020

~Welcome to Our World of Faith and the Miraculous~ Welcome to the Team Avalanche Blog! As you probably know, we are a group of Christian parents from around the world, who are believing the Word of God concerning healing for our children. We are all parents and grandparents agreeing with the Word of God and declaring the Word of God for these precious children diagnosed with genetic, physical and mental defects effecting their brains and bodies. We want to catch you up on the miracles and changes that have taken place, however, a gentle reminder: we are~ without wavering~ expecting 100% trace free of every diagnosis and symptom that contradicts a healthy and healed body and mind!!!! *Thomas, 5 month old, USA: had a hernia in his scrotum that caused it to be doubled the size. Every time his mama changed his diaper, she commanded the hernia to go in the name of Jesus. After a couple of weeks, she opened up his diaper to change him, and IT WAS GONE! Just like that! Gone! *Alex, USA (in his mother's words) "He spent his first 5 years in a bad orphanage in Bulgaria diagnosed with cleft lip and palate and moderate mental delay. He was the size of a 2 year old and couldn't eat solid food when he came home. Now he's (10 years old) the same size as our biological 10 year old! He recently got potty trained OVERNIGHT!" That quickly, one day he wasn't potty trained and the next day he woke up and he was potty trained. Alex also had "tooth decay on all of his teeth when he came home from the orphanage. They were so bad they were beyond fillings. This went from decay on every tooth to being declared cavity free 3 years later after getting only one tooth pulled!" God cares about every last detail of our children's well being! *Stella,(USA) diagnosis: Atrial septal defect, Ventricular septal defect, and enlarged heart valve. Dr. Natal-Hernandez, MD, Pediatric Cardiology.....no treatment, no surgery needed! She was dismissed from Dr. Hernandez's care after several years when they detected and declared "Normal cardiac anatomy, no atrial septal defect, no ventricular septal defect seen. Normal function of all valves. Normal heart function." He told the parents, she has 'no activity restrictions, no heart medications needed, and NO FOLLOW UP RECOMMENDED IN PEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGY..." Stella was diagnosed as a baby with these heart defects and through the power of the Word of God Stella's heart is PERFECT!!! The Word of God is activated by faith..........keep your eyes on this blog, because it's going to reflect the Father's will for these parent's children:on earth as it is in Heaven!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Healing in the Womb!

I am currently halfway through my second pregnancy. This time, it is a girl, and I am so excited! In the beginning, the enemy tried to put that fear into my mind. That fear that something would go wrong. You see, with my first pregnancy, a son, I had complications and he suffered brain damage. Here's a little backstory… When I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child, my doctor called me after a sonogram and said he thought the baby had down syndrome. At this time, I was a believer, but not in divine healing. This news sent my world into a downward spiral. After that, I got a bad report after bad report. I believe them and clung to them and cried for days and days. I spent my entire pregnancy and the first year of my sons life being sad about this news. After my son turned one, I found the truth. I learned God's true nature and his will for hearing. I found team avalanche, and the rest is history. 

So, here I am having my 20 week ultrasound, and my doctor tells me he sees the same exact things that he saw it with my son. What he saw was called echogenic bowel and a possible heart defect. These were the first two signs that my son showed when he was in the womb. This time, knowing the truth, I called up a mighty prayer warrior sister and we prayed. I will not lie to you and say that I did not cry. I did. For a second, I almost let the devil get to me. But this sweet sister of mine, being the amazing prayer warrior mama that she is, basically yelled at me and told me to cut it out. It was a loving yell meant to bring me back to the truth. She snapped me back into kingdom reality. We spoke on the phone almost every day and prayed and spoke truth into my little girl's life. I was not going to let the enemy have this child. I will not let him have either of my children. I made a decision to fight. I disregarded the doctors report and believe the report of the Lord. Every day, for three weeks, I spoke life into my belly. I told my little girl she was healed and perfect. I told her she would live and not die. I did not speak the doctors report. I spoke the report of the Lord. I did not even tell my husband. I knew I had the victory.

Fast forward to three weeks later, and it was time for my repeat sonogram. I went into the sonogram very excited. Not nervous or anxious, but excited for the good report that I knew was mine! I could tell you the long version, but the short one is just as good, and I know you're ready to hear it! I had my sonogram and my appointment with my doctor. The "official" doctors report reads, "cardiovascular {heart} structure and function normal. There is no bowel echogenecity as previously seen." Ok, now you can celebrate!! Hallelujah, all praise to King Jesus!

God is true to His Word. His Word is truth and life. There is nothing that says you have to accept the report of man; in fact, if it's contrary to the Word, you should reject it! Believe the report of the Lord! The victory is yours!! 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Down Syndrome Was Paid For Too!!

There are two children diagnosed with Down Syndrome that have been given excellent reports! While we believe the report of the Lord, that is, that our children are 100% diagnosis free and perfect, it is always exciting to hear it from medical professionals!

The first child, a young girl, was told by her speech pathologist, regarding her tongue size, that "she sees no problem with it." Per her mother's report, her tongue has been shrinking in length and width over time.

The other is a young boy who had a doctor's visit and his weight and height were both right where they should be for normal (non-diagnosed) child development!

Praise the Lord for these amazing reports, we only expect MORE!!

Hurler's Syndrome is Leaving the Building!

This is a first hand account from Derek's mother. Derek is 9 years old and has a diagnosis of Hurler's Syndrome. Jesus paid the price for complete healing of all disease and diagnosis, including HS, at the whipping post! Praise Jesus!

Hi..wanted to share with y'all bout Derek...he's had some joint stiffness, and a few days ago I put shorter shorts on him and noticed a significant change in his legs that they are almost straight...his legs were bent and have been for some years now....also he's started running again, which is something he had stopped doing for quite some time...and the last thing is, he was falling asleep when eating or even after getting 12 hrs of sleep...was still acting tired, this has changed...when I go upstairs and turn the lights on by 6:45 he wakes up on his own, is very much more energetic...so PTL!!!